Christians all over the world are anticipating the return of Jesus Christ. But what if he is already here? For the past three years, photographer Jonas Bendiksen has tried to empathize with this notion. In this documentary series, we join him on a trip around the world in his pursuit of Jesus, from the frozen wilderness of Siberia to the neon jungle of Tokyo. Bendiksen has gained unique access to colourful communities, in which people are convinced that the Son of God lives among them, and he ge

1. Vissarion

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Nearly thirty years ago, traffic police officer Sergei Torop had the revelation that he is the reincarnation of Jesus. He is now called Vissarion, and he lives with 6,000 followers deep in the Siberian wilderness. Jonas has visited twice before, but has not been permitted to meet Jesus of Siberia. Jonas will now make one last attempt to receive an audience with this mystical, reclusive Messiah figure.

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